Economic Development

Business Incentives

Monroe county's tax rates are among the lowest in Ohio. Local revolving loan programs are another benefit that have been used for financing by several dozen businesses. Monroe County is eager to welcome new and expanding businesses. The county can offer many incentives including Enterprise Zone status and low tax rates.
Real & Personal Property Taxes
Rate for public utility, commercial, industrial & mineral property ( 2006 ) -  50.48 mils, gross ( 50.00 net)
Monroe County's gross rate  (2005) :
41% less than state average
52% less than Ohio's highest county  (Cuyahoga)
14% less than adjacent Ohio counties   (Belmont - 19%, Washington - 9%)
Monroe County's net rate:
33% less than state average
45% less than state average
8% less than adjacent Ohio counties  (Belmont County)
Municipal Income Taxes
1%, village of Woodsfield
No other areas of county have local income taxes
Sales/Use Taxes
7%  total  sales tax
1.5% Monroe County local sales tax
Enterprise Zone - Covers most areas of county including both industrial sites