Economic Development

Market Access

Monroe County in southeastern Ohio, is south of 1-70 and east of 1-77.
Almost half the population in the United States is within 500 miles of Monroe County.
The same radius contains about half of the country’s retail trade and market area.
Monroe county provides excellent proximity to the major population centers of the east, northwest and south.
Pittsburgh, PA. is only 90 miles northeast, Columbus, OH 120 miles west and Cleveland 150 miles north. Baltimore and Washington DC are 285 miles away.

The eastern boundary of the county is the Ohio River, which provides an unsurpassed, low-cost transportation of bulk commodities.
Air Miles to Major Cities
Pittsburgh = 75
Columbus = 75
Baltimore/Washington DC = 300
Chicago = 375
New York = 400
Atlanta = 425
Houston = 925
Broadband Access
Year-round water transportation on the Ohio River links up with the Mississippi to the Gulf ports. Two metropolitan airports are within an hour of Monroe County in addition to the Monroe County airport. All major freight and parcel companies service the area on a daily basis.
Ohio SR 7 Parallel to Ohio River Connects I-70 to Belmont County with I-77 in Washington County Highest traffic count per day = 8,030 
vehicles Ohio SR 78
Connects SR 7 in Clarington with I-77 in Noble County
Highest traffic count per day = 7,460 vehicles
Ohio SR 800
Connects SR 7 at Fly with I-70 in Belmont County
Highest traffic count per day = 6,010 vehicles
Truck Yards
Landefeld Trucking
Prism Trucking
Greene’s Cartage
27 carriers serve Monroe County providing motor freight, liquid/dry bulk services, heavy hauling
Barge Service (Ohio River)
Navigation maintained by US Army Corps of Engineers
Hannibal features hydroelectric generating facility
More than 55,000 barge loads pass through the Hannibal Locks & Dams annually
Freight includes coal, oil, sand and gravel, chemicals, grain and metal scrap
Click here for more details on the Hannibal Locks & Dam
Rail Service
Available only in the NE Corner of the county; parallel to Ohio River from Hannibal, north to Powhatan Point (ties into Norfolk Southern). A former Conrail line purchased by Ormet for short line spur possibilities for Clarington Industrial Site.

Natural Resources
Natural gas is readily available throughout the area, either from the two major interstate gas pipelines that cross the county or from natural gas wells. Another asset in the heavily forested county is wood, which long has been a factor in the local economy. Both sawmills and manufacturers of value-added wood products are well-suited for Monroe County.
Monroe County Airport
The Monroe County Airport is located one mile north of Woodsfield on State Route 26. It is adjacent to the Monroe County Commerce Park and the Monroe County Fairgrounds. The runway is 3806’ x 75’ asphalt and has a non-precision instrument approach to runway 25. Fuel is available. Medium intensity runway lights and beacon can be pilot activated on 122.8. An airport manager is available part-time at 740-472-1882. The address is 47073 SR 26, Woodsfield, OH 43793.