Tax Map Department

Parcel Data Requests

Requests for Monroe County Ohio GIS Parcel Data

The GIS parcel data we have available is a combination of the information available from the Monroe County Auditors Office and the Tax Map Department. The individual parcel information includes parcel number, addresses, assessed acreage, current deed references, available surveys or plats, and parcel information such as lot number or section location. This data is visually represented by mapping that is based on existing mapping, surveys, plats and deed descriptions. This data is constantly being updated and should not be taken for a 100% accurate representation.

Formats Available:
This data is available in two formats. The first is a Shapefile (.shp, ) which is a data set used primarily for ESRI and other GIS software programs and the second is a Google Earth file (.kmz). Either format is available upon request. When requesting this data please specify if you would like to have one format over the other. We will send out the shapefile version by default if no preference is stated.

Request Procedure:
Our data is available free of charge, The only thing we ask of those requesting it is that they read over and sign a disclaimer that we have created. This disclaimer is available at the link below and simply states that you agree and understand that this data is for reference only and is not to be interpreted as 100% accurate. Once the disclaimer is read and signed it can be sent to the email address listed below along with a request for the data where we will review your request then respond with an e-mail with the data attached.



If you are having issues or are not getting a response from our office within a few hours please contact our office at (740) 472 - 0763.