Survey Archive

Current Surveys
These files have been replaced by the 'Surveys' layer on our Online Parcel Viewer. Please use this layer for a easier process of finding surveys for a particular parcel or area.

Quarto Mining Surveys
These are surveys done for the Quarto Mining Company in the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's of their various properties through out the eastern part of Monroe County. 

Railroad Surveys
These are surveys and plats of the railroad that runs along the Ohio River from the former site of the Ormet Aluminum Plant to the Belmont County Line. The original Penndel Company Drawings are from the early 1900's and show basic layout detail of the rail road, while the newer Pickering & Associates survey was done in 2016 and is a more detailed boundary survey of the former Ormet Railroad property.

Hannibal Locks & Dam Project Files
These plats were provided by the Army Corps of Engineers and show the original 1960's project plans for the Hannibal Pool created by the Hannibal Locks & Dam.

Cemetery Plats
This is a collection of various plats and surveys of the many cemeteries located in Monroe County. Many of these show lot layouts and boundaries. This is not a complete collection due to our dependence on having these plats submitted to us by the various entities that care for these areas.

Historic Plat Books and Road Records
This is a collection of the plat books that contain older surveys from the 1800's and early 1900's. Further explanation of each book is given on the page linked above.