Board of Developmental Disabilities

What Services Are Available

Monroe Achievement Center
The Monroe Achievement Center Offers a special education program charted by the Ohio Department of Education which includes classroom instruction, nursing services and transportation. Assessment services and OT, PT, and speech therapies are performed in conjunction with the local school district. Hot lunches or available to all students.

Children between the ages of 6, and 22, with developmental disabilities are screened for the school program and recommendations from placement are made by the local school district.

Early Intervention
Early intervention provides home based services to families with children from birth to 3 years of age who are experiencing developmental delays. An early intervention specialist works with parents to foster growth in communication, coordination, social and cognitive skills.

MACO Sheltered Workshop
47013 S.R. 26 P.O. Box 564

Woodsfield, Ohio 43793
Phone (740) 472-5445
Fax (740) 472-0445

The MACO Workshop is a state-chartered program that provides work opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities. This includes sheltered employment, community employment, vocational training, habilitation, recreation, leisure, nursing and transportation services. Opportunities and services are tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of individuals so they may work and function effectively in their homes and communities.