Basic Rules of Probation

Obey all laws
You shall refrain from violation of any law (Federal, State, Local). You shall contact your Probation Officer if arrested or questioned by a Law-Enforcement Officer. (Minor misdemeanor traffic offenses are generally not a basis for the revocation of probation, however you must report them to the Probation Officer.)
Report to Probation
You shall report to the Probation Officer as ordered. You shall follow his instructions, including any requests for alcohol or drug testing at your own expense. Failure to submit will result in revocation of probation.
Seek/Maintain Gainful Employment
You shall work regularly at a lawful occupation and support your legal dependents, if any, to the best of your ability. When out of work you shall notify your Probation Officer at once and diligently seek employment. You shall also notify the Probation Officer of any changes of employment.
Seek Permission to Change Place of Residence
You shall not move your place of residence without permission of the Probation Officer.
Pay Fines
You shall pay all fines, court costs and/or restitution in full within the time period(s) specified by the Court.
Driving Restrictions
You shall not operate a motor vehicle beyond the scope of any occupational driving privileges granted by the Court and while operating any vehicle, you must maintain liability insurance.
Abstain from Drugs
You shall not possess, use, distribute or have under your control any Schedule I, II, III, IV, and V drugs as defined in 3719.41 of the Ohio Revised Code, or instruments for administering them except on prescription of a licensed physician nor shall you use alcoholic beverages if ordered to abstain by the sentencing judge.
Office/Phone Visits Only
You shall not make any attempt to contact officers of this Court except in person or by telephone at their office. (Do not contact a Probation Department employee at their residence.)
No Alcohol on Work Release
You shall not consume alcoholic beverages while on work release from jail.
Follow Drug/Alcohol Orders
You shall follow any orders contained in your sentencing entry relating to the use of alcoholic Beverages and or non-prescription drugs.
G.E.D. Program
If you did not graduate from high school or obtain a G.E.D., you will enroll in a G.E.D. program.
Most misdemeanor offenders ARE ALLOWED TO DRINK ALCOHOL although some cases they are not.  Please inquire with the Probation Officer if you have questions about an offender.